We are young
professional tango dancers
who fell in love
with tango

Our story starts in December 2013, when the project begins to take shape based on Ignacio

Giannini’s idea. Ignacio, dancer and professional Tango singer, passionate Porteño, travel lover says:

  "I designed the Milonga! Tango Tours to give non dancers a chance to discover and know

the true tango night, the one that takes place in the milongas of Buenos Aires and where live

the magic of the embrace and the dance. My mission is that a tourist in

Buenos Aires feels like a real ‘porteño’ and has the opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable experience in a relaxed, familiar and personalized atmosphere. In short, living the milonga as we live it, we, the ‘Milongueros’.

Until that moment, the only option for visitors where to see Tango Shows, where the protagonists are the artists. Ignacio went further and wanted to show the authentic & social tango, where all of us are protagonists.

To accomplish this and widen the range of visitors that could dive into the milonga nights,

the alliance with his great friend José Beverini was fundamental. Tango lover, composer,

interpreter of the Venezuelan ‘cuatro’, Jose is also licensed in labor relations from the University of Buenos Aires) and boasts of a vast experience in business management.

Today, 2017, a few years later, A La Milonga! is a platform that offers all kinds of tango-related services, both nationally and internationally.

Ignacio and José formed a team of professional dancers and musicians with absolute commitment to the Argentine culture and a passion to transmit it.

Our mission is to embark people from all over the world into the tango world.


Thank you for joining us and being part of A La Milonga!

the True
Tango Spirit


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