AUTHENTIC TANGO EXPERIENCE for those ready to dive into the passionate world of 2x4, in the heart of Buenos Aires’ night.

If you are longing to know  where Buenos Aires’ inhabitants meet to dance tango, connect with them and their fascinating histories, this is your best bet!

Discover the HISTORY OF TANGO through a WALKING TOUR in

one of Buenos Aires´ s most beloved neighborhood.

Relax in an outdoor milonga, try out typical food and take your first tango steps.

If you wish to discover the WORLD OF THE MILONGA during the AFTERNOON, this tour is for you. 

Private tour.

Any day, anytime! - AM / PM DURATION: 1 HS or more

Learn how to dance tango with PROFESSIONAL DANCERS FROM ARGENTINA. The classes take place in a tango studio, ensuring top notch accommodation.

Get the most of the tango world championship!
Enjoy the biggest tango festival of the world, that also hosts its most famous championship.

Special Tour

Two options are available from the 16th to 23rd of August

the True
Tango Spirit


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